“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” Prologue-Why just ‘he’ and not ‘she’?


Why should the boy always go down on his knees to pour his heart out to his lady? Why can’t a girl express her feelings to her prince charming first?

We talk about feminism and equal rights for women, but we expect the boy to ask  the girl out first, the chair in the restaurant ought to be pulled by the boy, why pay equally?….men are only allowed to pay, Oh my God the bag is so heavy!…Darling could you please carry it for me? See the man……he is not sensitive enough to offer his seat to the lady!

What wrong did she do if she wanted to express her admiration, her feelings and concern to him, without him taking the first step?This is a story of a girl who took the first foot forward and then could break any limits to let her pure feelings persist in her soul although the string was not taut from both the ends.

Her journey took her to the unexplored roads of her soul…..So be a part of this journey!Stay tuned for each leaf of her life to open before you.


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