“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 5-TWO BODIES WALKING OR TWO SOULS TALKING?


I had never expected him to take me on dinner dates, rather he took me out for walks along the deserted and not so explored roads. Just a call on my phone and he asking me,”Where are you?….wanna join me for a walk?” and I used to get one more chance with this every time to peep into his heart a bit more. But I could never understand whether they were just walks or something more for him. Although he said they were just casual walks when he is free from his daily routine, but whenever I used to question my importance in his life just to poke him, he always mentioned those walks and said that he does not go walking with every random person in the world! Leave it be ……I had never let these things hover in my mind for long, they always take away the essence of the moment!

He walking by my side and his play-list reveal more to me than his deceiving eyes do. There are times when both of us are silent and he breaks it with some stupid topic or mere words like,”So, what else?”just to avoid me, pulling more secrets out of his silence. I still remember the first walk we had…..although it was to sort out our differences but that day i could see a whole new person in front of me, sharing his whole life page by page ,word by word. His ex-crushes that caused pain to him, his childhood that was no less than a nightmare, his difficulties as a village origin, his defense of being a grammar Nazi,his best friends, instances when he was beaten up by his mom, moments when he cried, times when he was elated….and what not! He himself accepted that he had never shared those memories with anyone, only friends who were with him since long have got a key to these secret emotions. I understand he in a drift of emotions opened up his heart in front of me to acknowledge my feelings that I had expressed to him………but he has gained control on his nerves now(just like me!).

He once promised me a chocolate, and God knows why on earth he wanted me to have ‘his’ favorite chocolate. Every time I poked him, his defense was,”I am still searching for that particular chocolate!” Finally he gave up and settled with some other chocolate(not that I cared for the flavor of chocolate, rather my interest was in this flavor of our friendship!). It was some other random day and I as always making fun of him regarding the chocolate…..he suddenly popped the chocolate into my mouth. But my bad luck….I dropped half of it…..Doesn’t matter that eventually added to my laughter!

The funniest part is that we fight like cats and dogs. Every other person who see us walking would take us to be insane completely. Every emotion is wrapped up in innocence for us. We at times blur out many intense things which might seem to be completely illogical for anyone else but that makes deep impact on our hearts, for just we know what we said and what we actually meant by it! We go on speaking rubbish but all that gets added to my memory that I am going to cherish for life. I never show that I agree with him or my thoughts resonate with that of his. I love the feeling when he goes on correcting me. My happiness does not lie in his victory but I loosing before him. His smile when he feels triumphant over me is just enough for me to forget the tiredness and irritation of day long.I always wait for a ring on my phone flashing his name around the evening. Because I know it would not be just a walk!


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