Letting Go!

I have spent a considerable time of my life in the prison of my past trying to pull out old plugs off the board and disconnect. It has been a vicious loop of understanding my needs, listing out the pros and cons in my life that would be if I let this go, trying to … Continue reading Letting Go!


By the sea!

The waves are just touching my feet, I try to retain the water under my feet by clenching the sand with my toes. It waits for a moment in the depressions created by my toes on the sand and then eventually recedes away. I smile as it reminds me how I settled with 'forever' becoming … Continue reading By the sea!

Ambivert Problem #1- “Hey I am an ambivert!”

I can be both, the girl grooving to the party anthems with my troop and the girl cosy in her blanket listening to “lag jaa gale….ke fir ye haseen raat ho na ho”. I can definitely be seen having dinner with complete strangers, and I bet the loudest laughter would be mine, but that is … Continue reading Ambivert Problem #1- “Hey I am an ambivert!”

Age is just a number, Maturity a choice!

A mere shaving kit in your bathroom or the sanitary napkins hidden in your bag doesn’t make you mature. Neither is the case that your index finger running through your chin and brows high, talking and debating issues make you rise on the levels of maturity. Maturity lie in all those small things which might … Continue reading Age is just a number, Maturity a choice!


The usual breakfast of cornflakes with warm milk made its way to my starving stomach, and even after eating , me being half stomach (rather half soul )made me realise how badly I missed home cooked food. Mornings are no more the same for me. Each morning these days of mine in the office guest … Continue reading CAGED


The world keeps on silencing us and our silence keeps on shouting out to us that we have to compromise every day just because we have a vagina and breasts. We are expected to keep our mouths shut if something is against our dignity, because according to people around me, anything is fair when compared … Continue reading SHE IS NOT WRITTEN IN BRAILLE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TOUCH HER TO KNOW HER!


Dear Me, I was meaning to write to you since long, but some restraining force kept me from doing so, and that restraining force was no other than the verbal stoning of the people around you and me.But you had enough of it, I had enough of it.....now its high time that your best friend … Continue reading OPEN LETTER

The Wait

Its different today! Earlier I loved the morning sun rays to fill my room, to pierce my eyes, just because I knew he would be there to close the curtains for me, come to my bedside and gently kiss my forehead to wake me up. But today I don’t want this cruel sun stoning at … Continue reading The Wait