LOVE-is it breaking or creating me? 4-WHAT TO CHOOSE, PAIN FOR TWO OR JUST ONE?

  My eyes were swollen and red because of crying for hours, still a thought was peeping into my head again and again, whether he is fine or is he disturbed because of whatever happened today? Maybe that’s the reason i replied him with a positive on chat when he asked me if I was [...]


“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 3-DON’T MAKE ME FEEL HOLLOW, I AM ALREADY EATEN UP!

  Whatever be the situation I try to be strong and never let firm ground slip under my feet. But the only situation when my nerves are not under my control is when I have to regret my own decisions. I being a rationale person, for the first time in my life followed the echoes [...]

“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 2-WHEN THE WORDS LIKE “YES” OR “NO” LOST ITS MEANING!

The confession brought more troubles into my life. On one hand my mind was trying to resist his thoughts and on the other hand my heart wrenched to tell him the whole truth.....shout out to him that its not just an can't be for me at least, who in her whole life could never [...]

“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 1-IS MY BODY HEALING OR SOUL FALLING APART?

Why do they call it a “crush”? Is it because that is the way you feel when he doesn’t feel  the same in return! Well maybe....But the concern every word of his reflects, his anger  when he says to me that I should not  let anyone make fun of me, his dominance over me while fighting, his child-like smile that turned disastrous days into sweet memories, his laughter that makes me  realize what is the thing that I want in my life....I wish all these were absent in my life!  These things make me feel empty and hollow from deep inside and a voice loud and clear  shouts in my ears”NOT IN YOUR REACH !”. Life would have been much easier to deal with if you did not ask me that question, and I, being in the drift, had not answered it so easily. Why on earth did you ask the name...and why did I tell you, God knows! After confessing  deep secrets hidden inside this tiny soul, believe me it was not that easy to say, “It’s not  possible between us”, and to add to my troubles you asked me “Why do you think it’s not possible?” with a look as if you were reading my soul by peering through my eyes. I just  had to break the eye contact, else the gravitation governed by your eyes would have pulled more secrets apart from me.The dilemma running through my mind like a hurricane,  when I wished that you feel everything by yourself without me intruding into your  thoughts, and on the other hand I was scared to accept my own feelings and my fake  thoughts-that nothing has happened- continued to prevail over my feelings. You thought that your promise to be friends always and let nothing turn awkward between us would cheer me up, but my heart said that you were wrong for the first time in your life, rather it made my  heart scatter into pieces. We were good friends, still I don’t know what forced something to change between us. The loud laughter had turned into eye contacts and a smile followed by lowering of eyes from   both the sides, the friendly touch suddenly began to soothe injuries, the pain started and  ended into two different souls, the mention of a name startled me, the wait for a like on  Facebook brought more excitement, the smile was of a different kind that came from  reading old messages. This may sound insane but the accident i met once turned into a memory not because of  the cuts and bruises, but because of you standing by my side and soothing them. I don’t  know the reason but I was on the seventh sky when the mental trauma got healed in a  moment after you touched me. The feelings came all over again and I was confused  whether my physical wounds were healing or soul falling apart! The more I try to resist  those feelings, the more caring you become. You know ! have to stop this, else my  brain and heart would soon begin a war against each other.

“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” Prologue-Why just ‘he’ and not ‘she’?

This is the story of a girl who took the first foot forward to express her feelings to the one she loved and then could break any limits to let her pure feelings persist in her soul although the string was not taut from both the ends. Be a part of her journey by reading the pages of her life!