“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 7-IN THE PARALLEL WORLD

What if we are in the parallel world? Where I am not the way I am, Where he is not the way he is, Where my heart will not skip a beat on seeing him, Where my soul would no more carry a “no trespassing” board for everyone else but him, Where I would not [...]

“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 6-I AM TAKEN, SO WHAT IF HE IS NOT!

I am proud to hold such feelings which do not require a fueling system to power its existence in my heart. The only driving force are my feelings in its purest form and nothing else.And on the firm grounds of those feelings and due to the respect I hold for those I cannot allow anyone [...]

“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” Prologue-Why just ‘he’ and not ‘she’?

This is the story of a girl who took the first foot forward to express her feelings to the one she loved and then could break any limits to let her pure feelings persist in her soul although the string was not taut from both the ends. Be a part of her journey by reading the pages of her life!