When she is ready to devote every piece of her body and soul to complete your incomplete puzzle, is she doing too much? Maybe yes, if she has sleepless nights because of you but you don’t care whether she wakes up in the morning, but if even you can cross limits just for that upward [...]



Dear Me, I was meaning to write to you since long, but some restraining force kept me from doing so, and that restraining force was no other than the verbal stoning of the people around you and me.But you had enough of it, I had enough of its high time that your best friend [...]

CAPTIVATION-“Is my body healing or soul falling apart?”

Why do they call it a “crush”? Is it because that is the way you feel when he doesn’t feel the same in return! Well maybe.... But the concern every word of his reflects, his anger when he says to me that I should not let anyone make fun of me, his dominance over me [...]

The Wait

Its different today! Earlier I loved the morning sun rays to fill my room, to pierce my eyes, just because I knew he would be there to close the curtains for me, come to my bedside and gently kiss my forehead to wake me up. But today I don’t want this cruel sun stoning at [...]

“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 8-When will my heart not skip a beat on seeing him , and my brain smile?

I keep on peeping inside my heart to look for an answer to a constant question revolving in my mind. A question which does not let me get a peaceful sleep, a question which at times questions my existence, a question which I fear that would remain unanswered for the ultimate. “When will my heart [...]

“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 7-IN THE PARALLEL WORLD

What if we are in the parallel world? Where I am not the way I am, Where he is not the way he is, Where my heart will not skip a beat on seeing him, Where my soul would no more carry a “no trespassing” board for everyone else but him, Where I would not suddenly slow down my pace while walking on the deserted roads, thinking about him, Where nights would be more peaceful and days such that I am less lost in thoughts, Where his pain would no more bring tears in my eyes, Where I would no more pray to God for his well being, Where his smile would not bring a curve on my lips too, Where his favourite dish would appear less tempting to me how terrible it may be, Where his anger would no more bring gloom to me, Where days would appear less beautiful with him, Where my heart would not long for a walk with him on the roads not taken, Where pulling his leg would not be my favourite time pass, Where submitting to him would not be more satisfying even when he is wrong, Where loosing to him just to make him smile would no more be my concern, Where my eyes would not swell due to sleepless nights, Where his bad health would no more bring a hurricane of tension to me, Where our chats would become less lengthy, Where we would stop sharing our sorrows, Where he would become less true to me, Where I would turn fake to him, Where he stops trusting me, Where I would not understand him, Where he stops protecting me, Where I stop defending him, Where my soul would stop falling apart on not getting the string taut from both ends, Where my cuts and bruises would not heal by his Midas touch, Where he saying me that he dreamt of me last night would not lead to ,me lowering of eyes, Where he saying that he is missing me even when he is with his gang would not make me flatter, Where he saving the last bite just for me would no more bring sparkle to my eyes, Where I would not call him at midnight just to flush out my anger , Where he too stops being my punching bag, Where holidays would not turn to nightmares with the fear of not seeing him for days, Where anti “we being friends” people would actually start to be our concern, Where his pain becomes less evident to me from his eyes, Where my aching heart becomes less open to him, Where his lies would not be caught by me when I just look into his eyes for once, Where silence would not speak a thousand words between us, Where I stop telling him to be so outgoing and selfless for people who don’t deserve that, Where he stops telling me that I should not be dedicated towards those who use me as a tissue paper, Where he stops being my quiet listener to whatever I blabber, Where I no more see every face of his, be it the leather jacket protective one or the ice cream eating childlike one, Where he stops knowing me better, more than what I know and more than what he shows, Where my eyes don’t search for him secretively wherever I go, Where a fight with him no more fills my eyes with tears, Where his words making me understand stop being more than his apologies, Where his name slides down mine in my priority list, Where dates and dinners would matter more than sharing thoughts over a walk, Where I stop admiring his simplicity and grounded nature, Where the respect I hold for him in this tiny heart lessens a bit, Where the mutual blind trust hides somewhere, Where his name itself stops making me blush, Where his secret admiration no more be thousand times more precious to me than many words from everyone else, [...]

“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 6-I AM TAKEN, SO WHAT IF HE IS NOT!

I am proud to hold such feelings which do not require a fueling system to power its existence in my heart. The only driving force are my feelings in its purest form and nothing else.And on the firm grounds of those feelings and due to the respect I hold for those I cannot allow anyone [...]

“LOVE-is it breaking or creating me?” 5-TWO BODIES WALKING OR TWO SOULS TALKING?

I had never expected him to take me on dinner dates, rather he took me out for walks along the deserted and not so explored roads. Just a call on my phone and he asking me,”Where are you?....wanna join me for a walk?” and I used to get one more chance with this every time [...]